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Commission A Portrait 

Tom Searles Interior Art

✓  Friendly professional service

✓  2-3 Week turnaround 

✓  Portraits available in high-quality acrylic and charcoal


✓  Bespoke sizing  

✓  Framing on request 

✓  Delivery service including international delivery available 

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does each portrait take?

From initial consultation to delivery, the process generally takes between two and three weeks, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the project. 


What materials do you use? 

I work predominantly with high-quality acrylics, but I do offer charcoal sketches as well. I work to any size and format and often the work can be tailored around an individual's needs. 


How much are your portraits? 

Each portrait painting uses high-quality canvas and acrylics, and the price can vary depending on the complexity of the portrait and amount of subjects. As each piece of art is bespoke to every client, final quotes are individual and available upon request. 


Can you work from photographs?

I am very happy to work from photographs, and a large volume of my work is actually produced this way. I do offer sitting portraits, however these require more of a time commitment from both myself and the sitter, and the price of the art will reflect this. 


What kind of photograph do I need to send? 

Ideally, you will send two to three of your best quality photographs on the subject. If it is a group portrait, then I will require at least two images of each subject. 


Do you offer a framing service? 

Yes, I do offer a bespoke framing service for each piece, however this would be at an extra cost and will be factored into the total estimate. 


Do you offer a delivery service? 

Once completed, your portrait will either be shipped to you (UK and International) or personally delivered.   



The best way to make a start is by filling out the form below with your requirements, and I will return with an estimate for the portrait.

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